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Chatsworth Life

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A Chatsworth preschool education is fun, nurturing and stimulating.

In our caring and well-designed environment coupled with quality teaching expertise, children feel confident to learn, explore and take risks whilst feeling safe, supported and loved. The somewhat diverse student population provides excellent exposure to social awareness, interaction and integration.


As an advocator of empowering children to take charge of their own learning, we take pride in providing opportunities for discovery which are objectively planned and those that are spontaneously initiated by children.

Let your child's learning journey begin at Chatsworth Preschool!


Community Integration

As part of our efforts to promote the school's core values of respect, responsibility, confidence and care, we reach out to the community to enhance the development of our children as good citizens. Our collaboration includes visits to the senior citizen centre or elderly homes, National Library, neighbourhood police posts, museum visits etc.

To help the children transit well into the primary school environment, Chatsworth Preschool also works with various primary schools to have our K2s spend half a day at the primary schools.  During these visits, some of the activities may include the children spending time in the classrooms, visiting the library, using the computer lab and enjoying a whole new experience of buying their own food at the canteen!


Home-School Partnership

At Chatsworth Preschool, we believe strongly in forging close partnerships between home and school and more than welcome parental involvement with school related activities. With parental involvement, it also facilitates a greater understanding of their child’s learning processes as well as be engaged in the school curriculum.

If you would like to volunteer, for example, help with the classroom activities, excursions, read to the children, assist in the cooking activity, gardening or help out at certain major events, we invite you to approach the class teachers.

If you have any special skills or talents that you would be willing to share and/or support the special events at the preschool, we’d love to talk to you too.

Home Learning Support

The preschool provides materials such as recipes, lyrics to songs, ideas or suggestions to help parents facilitate the children’s development at home. Such materials are shared via the class blogs.


Class activities and happenings will be communicated to parents fortnightly through the class blogs. If you have concerns at anytime throughout the year about your child’s development and well-being, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher via email.

We will keep you informed of important dates throughout the year via class blogs or emails and on our term calendars which will be shared with parents at the beginning of each term.  


Chatsworth Parent Group

Chatsworth Preschool engages in an open door policy for parents and has a very supportive network of parents that forms the Chatsworth Parent Group (CPG).


Parents in the group help and collaborate with the teachers in various activities and field trips.  We constantly strive for positive, proactive, high quality and frequent communication with parents and strongly encourage our parents to help in both classroom, special events and at field trips.

Through the Chatsworth Parent  Group, we hope to:

  • Strengthen home-school collaboration and partnership

  • Establish a shared vision and goals with parents

  • Maximise utilisation of resources and expertise offered by parents of diverse skills and experiences

  • Provide opportunities for networking among parents through events and projects


The CPG  comprises parent volunteers, the CPG  teacher co-ordinator and the principal.  The group will meet at the beginning of each term or when on a need basis to coordinate parental involvement with the preschool.

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